Someone once said that a fire truck does not do a lot of mileage, so why must it be serviced so regularly?  In case you hadn’t noticed, those days are over, NFPA 1500 Chapter 6 states:

  • The fire department shall consider safety and health as primary concerns in the maintenance, inspection, and repair of all fire department apparatus.
  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair of fire apparatus shall be conducted in accordance with NFPA 1915, Standard for Fire Apparatus Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • All fire apparatus shall be inspected at least weekly, within 24 hours after any use or repair, and prior to being placed in service or used for emergency purposes, in order to identify and correct unsafe conditions.
  • A preventive maintenance program shall be established, and records shall be maintained.
  • The fire department shall establish a list of major defects to be utilized to evaluate when a vehicle shall be declared unsafe.
  • Any fire department vehicle found to be unsafe shall be placed out of service until repaired.
  • Emergency Vehicle Technician or maintenance personnel shall be trained to meet the requirements identified by the manufacturers in their specifications and procedures for fire department vehicles. 

Is your department doing the checks needed to make sure your fire tender i.e. water/foam pumper, water tanker, hydraulic aerial ladder, hydraulic aerial platform, industrial foam truck, aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle (ARFF), rescue, hazmat, incident command centre trucks are ready to respond to a call?

In these economic times most fire and emergency departments are facing financial challenges in their budgets to have a full time maintenance shop and qualified technicians to maintain the fleet of fire apparatus. Because of the intense work these vehicles perform, EFA Sales Africa who is specialists on the E-ONE brand and most other USA made fire trucks offers you a Preventative Maintenance Service (PM Service) Contract that will keep your fire fighting vehicle(s) ready to respond to a call and to insure that fire fighters are operating a safe apparatus.

With a PM Service agreement with us, you can be sure that your apparatus is ready when you need it. In addition, you will always be up to date when it comes to the condition of your truck and what kind of repairs and service it will need in the months and years ahead.

A Preventative Maintenance plan is a key part of fleet management and is one of the few services that can actually help control costs by keeping vehicle conditions at optimum and by alerting you to potential small problems before they become major problems.

Our Pumper PM includes:

  • replace engine oil (supplied by you)
  • replace engine oil filter(s)
  • replace fuel filter(s)
  • replace fuel/water separator filter
  • grease/lubricate chassis and all fire package components
  • check differential oil level(s)
  • check transfer case oil (all-wheel drive)
  • inspect shock absorbers for leakage
  • inspect suspension springs
  • inspect fuel for cracks/leaks
  • inspect brake lines, shoes, drums and/or discs for leaks and/or cracks
  • drain moister from air reservoirs
  • inspect all steering linkage, hoses and fluid level
  • inspect wheel bearings and seals
  • inspect chassis frame rails and cross members
  • check and tighten drive line bolts if needed
  • inspect undercarriage for loose bolts and broken supports
  • inspect tyres for uneven wear, damage and correct pressure
  • check wiring for rubbing and chaffing, secure if needed
  • check all interior and exterior lights for proper operation and condition
  • inspect batteries and connections
  • inspect complete cab and body for damages
  • inspect and test complete fire package for proper operation

Our trained and qualified technicians are capable of executing a complete bumper-to-bumper service on the vehicle as a whole at your site, including pump dry vacuum tests, pump repairs and servicing, major component repairs and servicing, monitor repairs and servicing and electric/electronic fault finding and repairs. 

If your fire truck needs a service and you are interested in a service program for your fire tender i.e. water/foam pumper, water tanker, hydraulic aerial ladder, hydraulic aerial platform, industrial foam truck, aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle (ARFF), rescue, hazmat, incident command centre truck, please contact EFA Sales Africa, we have experienced technicians to get your fire and emergency apparatus back in service, and back on the front line.

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